Midterm: How to Survive a Shark Attack

Mission Statement
Shark attacks are pretty rare and the chances of being killed by a shark are one in 3.8 million. Sharks don’t even like the taste of humans. Most attacks are the result of mistaken identity. They bite into our flesh because they think we’re a sea lion or they’re simply curious about what kind of animal we are.

The majority of shark attacks in the world occur in the United States. Outside of the U.S., Australia and South Africa have had the most attacks. There are over 360 different shark species in the world, but only 20 species are known to attack humans. And of those 20 species, only four have been involved in a significant number of fatal, unprovoked attacks on humans; the Great White, Tiger Shark, Bull Shark, and the Oceanic Whitetip Shark. Even though shark attacks are rare, it can’t hurt to know how to defend yourself if you should ever find yourself face-to-face with one.

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